Why Brand Consistency is Important Across all Marketing Communications


When it comes to getting the word out about your company and the goods or services you provide, maintaining brand consistency is of the highest importance. If you don’t use the same branding across the board, you run the risk of diluting your brand and confusing potential customers. 

Lack of consistent branding also lowers the return on investment you get for your marketing dollars. With help from marketing professionals, though, you can clearly project your image across the marketplace like a laser beam and attract more sales leads.

Developing brand consistency requires you to use the same colours, logo, slogan and the wording of your organization’s name in all materials, both online and in print. This means that product packaging, advertisements, emails and those all-important social media channels must deliver the same message to consumers.


Consistency in Setting up Social Media Accounts

Sometimes a company will get excited about using social media and will jump in with a single account, such as Facebook. As an example, the business name is RedWidgets and this exact term is available when they sign up on Facebook. 

Later, the stakeholders realize that they also want the company to be on Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest but discover that another organization has taken the name they used for the Facebook account. Now they have to resort to something like “RedWidgetsAlberta” or “OriginalRedWidgets” in other social media channels.

This highlights the need to set up all of your social media accounts at the same time. Failure to plan ahead like this could result in another company getting free publicity based on the marketing resources you develop. 

Because social media channels are important business drivers for so many startup companies, it makes sense to settle on the name of your business or organization first if you intend to harness platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 

Consistency in Colour, Font and Imagery

As is the case with your company’s name on various social media channels, it pays to be consistent in your use of colour, font selection, logo and images on all marketing communications.

Coca-Cola is a case in point. The soft drink giant always uses its famous red and white colour scheme in all print and TV advertising as well as social media channels, noted a recent post at Sprout Social. Over the years, consumers have come to associate these colours with the company. Your own company should select a colour scheme and stick to it just like Coca-Cola. 

A large version of your logo will appear in product packaging, print ads and signage, while a small version should still be “readable” to consumers when you emblazon it on business cards, customer intake forms, press releases, coffee mugs and other souvenirs. 

Seeing examples of how the logo, colouring and slogan will look in various configurations is critical.  Make sure you review your brand before you sign off on the final appearance and set up your website.

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